Never stop to…

Step by step

I am removing my dress

Let’s do it breathless,

Ahh, breathless

Hold Me tight

this endless night

I am that feeling

when you feel right

You hear the call

of the Universe whole

Anymore you don’t

question your role

I want you to be under my skin

And don’t really care

would you win.

I am as wild as Angels are

I am a treasure in your arms

You hunt for me, You go under the deep blue sea

You search, you run, you fight for me

But never ever stop to love the…

The soul, the spirit pure and free

Touch of which you feel with me.

Make Me feel shy, embarrassed,

The one which always questions why

Make Me feel strong, like a rock star,

walking alone

Make Me feel… But always yours… Lil girl.

You are my connection

Sometimes a reflection

My emotions go wild

And mind is blind

Flow with your raw feeling

As there is nothing else

But only this moment

Precious God’s presence

You are my absolute

My branches and my root

You are free as wind

14589762_1137762272984251_8227029668747583469_o But never ever, ever never stop to…

Never stop to…

You be, just always be for me


We’re growing up in every day

It seems to be stupid

But actually that okay

You will forbid Ill tell I’m sorry

And everything gonna be fine 

You please don’t worry.  

Nobody knows the future

But present is here

Day by day that sculpture 

Of logic is vanishing as fear

You make for me a coffee

And do a special offer

Double kiss for princess 

Only morning weekends

I’m going to wake up 

To see your magic smile

Tell thank you so much

Looking high up to the sky

I want to live my life 

Happily with you

To take care, look after

Be proud about you.

Create the colours 

Bring joy and change your mood

Open new doors

And do a lot of good

I’m always there for you

You always there for me

And problems what we have

It’s fungus monsoon’s free

So when it will get over

They calmly will say breathe.

Nobody has the rights to judge us

We are the gods of our lifes

I am confessing I love us

If you even can’t believe

Feel the power inside us

And set the light free! 

You be, just always be for me. 

You be, just always be for me