Life is just begin 


We finished our talk

I hardly fucked your brain

I was asking for a walk

You refused again

No matter how I try

To leave bed stuff behind

I will push the button cry

And you don’t even mind

That was a fight about ordinary things

Which we made into a huge problem

Tomorrow I will forget to wear my wings

That going to be the worthiest of them.

I left bad stuff behind 

I turned myself to green

It’s your trip baby now

Life is just begin. 

Life is just begin 


My name is Pollyanna
I live my life like that
I turn the black in white
I kick your ass tonight
I have a thousand names
Each of them is right
You have a pretty face
And I am so much stoned
It doesn’t mean at all
That you can fuck my soul
My dignity is there
Forgive you that behave
My magic here around
Stop, watch and grow.
Fuck the illusions and the stamps
Read between the lines
I love all over the world

And nothing else matters.