If You think


If You think You are strong?

Let’s see how you can get along

Is it strong to be alone?

Is it strong to hide?

Like, “Excuse me, no more ride!”

“I am fine on my own, you stay aside!”

But I am not like You.

When it pains, I need U.

And It’s just heart is talking

I’ll never gonna show it with my look.

They grow me to be independent,

They grow me to be on my own.

All alone. They grow me

How to fight, but what should I do at night?

Smile, even If I am not right?!

And when it pains?

They grow me to reach success,

Not putting any common sense

In that word S U double C E double S

Might be my words are not strong.

But that is how I am strong,

I have power to see

What my weaknesses are

I dare to know my fears

And go for a walk with them

I dare to trust talking

Loud about them,

In my notebook writing,

As I don’t want to create

More of them.

So I’m collecting, improving, erasing.

No problem for you,

All I need is Love

As simple as that

Love of heart,

Apart from knowing

how you smart

And how do you start

Same again and again

So what is it to be strong?

All alone, or, you know,

You dare to share all that staff

What you hide inside?!

And that’s how I do –

I trust all of you

To be understood,

But not really care, if you do.

To be not judged: I am bad or good.

Cause how can you?

Everyone is having their own root.

To be accepted – because I am.

No fear, but truth

That’s How I do, all I need

Is love and You!





If You think

Never stop to…

Step by step

I am removing my dress

Let’s do it breathless,

Ahh, breathless

Hold Me tight

this endless night

I am that feeling

when you feel right

You hear the call

of the Universe whole

Anymore you don’t

question your role

I want you to be under my skin

And don’t really care

would you win.

I am as wild as Angels are

I am a treasure in your arms

You hunt for me, You go under the deep blue sea

You search, you run, you fight for me

But never ever stop to love the…

The soul, the spirit pure and free

Touch of which you feel with me.

Make Me feel shy, embarrassed,

The one which always questions why

Make Me feel strong, like a rock star,

walking alone

Make Me feel… But always yours… Lil girl.

You are my connection

Sometimes a reflection

My emotions go wild

And mind is blind

Flow with your raw feeling

As there is nothing else

But only this moment

Precious God’s presence

You are my absolute

My branches and my root

You are free as wind

14589762_1137762272984251_8227029668747583469_o But never ever, ever never stop to…

Never stop to…


My name is Pollyanna
I live my life like that
I turn the black in white
I kick your ass tonight
I have a thousand names
Each of them is right
You have a pretty face
And I am so much stoned
It doesn’t mean at all
That you can fuck my soul
My dignity is there
Forgive you that behave
My magic here around
Stop, watch and grow.
Fuck the illusions and the stamps
Read between the lines
I love all over the world

And nothing else matters.