If You think


If You think You are strong?

Let’s see how you can get along

Is it strong to be alone?

Is it strong to hide?

Like, “Excuse me, no more ride!”

“I am fine on my own, you stay aside!”

But I am not like You.

When it pains, I need U.

And It’s just heart is talking

I’ll never gonna show it with my look.

They grow me to be independent,

They grow me to be on my own.

All alone. They grow me

How to fight, but what should I do at night?

Smile, even If I am not right?!

And when it pains?

They grow me to reach success,

Not putting any common sense

In that word S U double C E double S

Might be my words are not strong.

But that is how I am strong,

I have power to see

What my weaknesses are

I dare to know my fears

And go for a walk with them

I dare to trust talking

Loud about them,

In my notebook writing,

As I don’t want to create

More of them.

So I’m collecting, improving, erasing.

No problem for you,

All I need is Love

As simple as that

Love of heart,

Apart from knowing

how you smart

And how do you start

Same again and again

So what is it to be strong?

All alone, or, you know,

You dare to share all that staff

What you hide inside?!

And that’s how I do –

I trust all of you

To be understood,

But not really care, if you do.

To be not judged: I am bad or good.

Cause how can you?

Everyone is having their own root.

To be accepted – because I am.

No fear, but truth

That’s How I do, all I need

Is love and You!





If You think

What I wish to tell my kid?

Once, my ex asked me to fill one word document, there were some questions, and he told me it’s very important, but I was too busy with other stuff that time, too ambitious. Than I found this word doc on my pan drive 5 years later… It called ‘the most important questions’, my ex a hacker of all kind of self improvement books, positive way of thinking and etc, but he was more reading, than doing, no matter, I’m here not to judge him, opposite to tell ‘thank u’. That questions I answered in one breathe, like that phrase we use in Russian. One of those questions was exactly: ‘What I wish to tell my kid?’ I wrote, in the end I realised, that I wish same to myself and everybody in this world. I’m sure after answering on this question, u will be more clear what u want from life, and as well, how u want it.

This is my example! U write yours!

What I wish to tell to my kid?

‘My dear, soul which had been sent to this mad world. This world is very different, u can see so many colours around, it’s filled with any kind of emotions: fear, happiness, amusement, sadness, excitement, love. Feel all of them, catch and go through, go for risk, live bright, try new for yourself, do what you are scared of and also what is making you and ppl around you smile and happy!

Create, look for yourself in the world. Create something new, unexpected, unusual. Love, it is can be and will be painful, but always worth it. Play, play with life in life. Smile a lot, more than you can! Help ppl, don’t ask why, if u have possibility help! Breathe deep. Meditate it’s very good practice for everything. Exercise with your body it’s always useful and making feel happy. Make more friends, communicate a lot, hug ppl, give, share your warm, u have a lot! Live, shine, scatter and jump, that is more fun. Sing, paint, write poems, it’s beautiful, create art! U can make your garden, good to know how to take care of something! Travel: it is giving a lot of troubles, making u communicate with ppl more, and ur mind work for solving any tasks! Tell truth. Be honest. See beauty in ppl, their own disabilities they know themself. Tell compliments, and accept people as they are, like trees in the forest. Offends are not giving anything, keep moving forward, forgive, let it go. Go on your heart call. Give to ppl joy and light, u have a lot, share it. Demotivating ppl is very easy, not a big deal to push on painful points, try to inspire ppl, give them trust in themselves. Learn, get to know ppl, show them new sides of them, believe in them and in yourself. Work on yourself, there are always bigger horizons to grove and develop where. And enjoy¬† working on yourself – do not be to serious, take it as a game. Do now what others are not doing to get later what others wouldn’t get and if it is good teach people as well, share with them your success. Love and be amazed by yourself. Listen and understand ppl. That, who is telling stories, actually ruling the world. And who listens to the stories is doing a big help. Don’t give up, try more, u re getting there but in ur own way, unique, like nobody else. Share, share emotions, fears, knowledges, experiences, art, experiments, love, everything, for u it will be too much. Live now. Do for a person close to u maximum in this moment, this what u can do! Find the time to be with a nature, it is gorgeous, learn it’s harmony. If u don’t like something – always, remember, always and absolutely everything can be changed by u, your power. U re the child of the universe and u have right to be, because u are!’

What I wish to tell my kid?